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Welcome to Penlight Films Ltd.

Penlight films is an independent production company dedicated
to producing high quality movies on high-definition video and
super 16mm.  We provide production services for all social and
promotional events. Whether you're getting married, or turning
13, we  

We are looking for talented individuals to use in front of and
behind the cameras. Our casting and production notices will also
be posted on websites such as,
Craig', and the publication Backstage East within the
coming weeks. All work is non-union but includes meals, film
credit, and a copy of the finished film.  Although we are a new
company,  we already have several projects in development,
such as an feature-length action/comedy  and a short film to be
shot on the Panavision Genesis.
Actors and actresses interested in working on one of
our films should look at our projects in development.

Penlight Films Ltd. was launched in April 7th 2004 and our
audience is the 18- 34 year-old demographic. The genres
we are interested in producing are comedies and dramas.
Our films are aimed at the 18-to-34 year old demographic
Our films are low-budget Indies shot in the tri-state area
Our films are shot in super 16mm and HD video.
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